BridgePort Brewing Company

BridgePort Brewing Company

BridgePort was founded in 1984 by winemakers Richard and Nancy Ponzil, and holds claim to the title of “Oregon’s oldest craft brewery”. The initial brewing facility, the Columbia River Brewery, had a 600-barrel per year … Read More

Breakside Brewery

Breakside Brewery Portland

Breakside opened in 2010, in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Northeast Portland as a restaurant and pub brewery. They gained attention early on for their innovative, experimental, and diverse beers, winning a first medal at the … Read More

Base Camp Brewing Co

Base Camp Brewing Company

The Base Camp crew represents decades of work in the brewing industry and a common love for life in the Pacific Northwest. When they make the time to get out of the brewery, you can … Read More

Baerlic Brewing

Baerlic Brewing Portland

Longtime partners in crime, Baerlic Brewing owners Ben and Rik attended high school together, and have been home brewing together for the better part of a decade. The boys recently made the leap to owning … Read More

Ambacht Brewing

Ambacht Brewing Portland

Ambacht’s brews are truly unique, even by Portland standards. Their Belgian inspired handcrafted ales are influenced by the bounty of the Pacific Northwest region. Ambacht ales are made using local, organically grown ingredients, and their … Read More

Alameda Brewhouse

Alameda Brewhouse

Alameda is a quaint brewery that began its life in the heart of the Beaumont Village in 1996. All of Alameda’s beers are produced on-site, and they range from the light, refreshing Siskiyou Golden Ale … Read More