Basic Equipment Pack

Looking to get into home brewing? Our Basic Equipment pack gives you the tools to get started! Built by our expert brewers, our basic equipment pack balances quality with affordability and reusability! Want to upgrade? Our Premium Equipment Pack includes everything in the Basic Pack plus a stock pot and 12 reusable 750 ml glass bottles with swing tops.


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The equipment in our Basic Equipment Pack is everything you need to start fermenting your own 2.5 gallon batches of beer right in your own home. The pack includes a 4 oz bottle of StarSan, a concentrated, acid based sanitizing solution, so you can ensure your equipment will be clean when it comes time to make some beer. 

The pack comes with a fermentation vessel, lid, spigot, airlock and stopper to get your fermentation setup just right. It also includes a stick-on thermometer, which allows you to monitor the temperature of your fermenting brew. And when it comes time to bottle, the pack includes a spring activated bottling wand, so you can fill your bottles while reducing oxygen exposure.

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