Brewvana Amber Ale

This amber is designed like any great amber, for balance. A year-round beer style that you can judge any brewer by, this style is a great introduction to homebrewing—that’s why it’s one of the recipes we brew during our online homebrewing classes. This amber will give you a nice earthy hop character from the magnum hops with enough malt underneath to give a hint of sweetness. The deep and complex character of Special B malt will lend a fine caramel and almost raisin-like flavor to the finish for those with acute palates. Makes 2.5 gallons.


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AMBER ALE: 6.1% ABV, 39 IBU, 15 SRM

Each Brewvana Classic recipe kit comes with all of the ingredients needed to make 2.5 gallons of fresh beer. This is an extract recipe with steeping grains designed to be brewed at home in a 3 gallon (12 qt) or larger pot. 

If you need equipment to get started, we recommend either our Basic Equipment Pack or Premium Equipment Pack. 


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