Brewvana Brown Ale

Part of the joy of homebrewing is brewing great styles that are just plain hard to get ahold of these days. This brown ale is an instant classic, true to style for an English Brown Ale. Rich toasty malt character gives way to a subtle sweetness and leaves no overbearing roasted notes. The magnificent flavor journey from the five different types of malts used in this extract recipe are complemented, not overshadowed, by the mild earthiness of Kent Golding hops. It also just so happens that the wife of the brewer who created this recipe fell in love with him because of the unique character of one of his brown ales. Makes 2.5 gallons.


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BROWN ALE: 5.6% ABV, 23 IBU, 25 SRM

Each Brewvana Classic recipe kit comes with all of the ingredients needed to make 2.5 gallons of fresh beer. This is an extract recipe with steeping grains designed to be brewed at home in a 3 gallon (12 qt) or larger pot. 

If you need equipment to get started, we recommend either our Basic Equipment Pack or Premium Equipment Pack



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