Level Up Pack

Looking to level up? This is your pack. Our Level Up pack includes everything you need to take your beginners’ brewing setup to the next level. The pack includes a triple scale hydrometer, hydrometer jar, bottle brush, folding instant thermometer and PBW cleaner.


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Our Level Up Pack allows you to take your brewing to the next level by giving you the tools to accurately take readings and improve your cleanliness when it comes time to bottle your beer. The accurate Triple Scale Hydrometer can be used to check the original gravity and final gravity of your own beers. 

The quick-read thermometer comes in handy when checking the temperature of your water for steeping grains. It can also be used to make sure your wort is at the proper temperature for pitching yeast.

The Powdered Brewery Wash (PBW) is an alkaline based cleaner well suited for ensuring the cleanliness of your brewing equipment. And the bottle brush is perfect for getting into the nooks and crannies of your bottles or growlers.

The five piece Level Up Pack includes:

  • (1) Triple Scale Hydrometer and one (1) 10” measuring jar
  • (1) Foldable Instant Thermometer
  • (1) 1 lb Jar of PBW
  • (1) Bottle Brush
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