Master the Brew Recipe Club

Unique beer recipe kits delivered to your door each month

Expand your brew skills every month with the Master the Brew Recipe Club. Each month you’ll receive an ingredients kit for a new beer recipe with step-by-step instructions. You’ll explore varying styles and brewing techniques—you’ll never brew the same beer twice!

Master the Brew subscriptions are available in both 2.5 and 5 gallon batch sizes, and members can choose their skill level: beginner, intermediate or advanced. Your skill level will automatically bump up to the next level after a few brews! Each quarter, members are invited to join our Master the Brew Virtual Meet-up where you’ll learn about an advanced topic in brewing. Exampled topics include dry-hopping, yeast health, recipe formulation, water quality and more.

When you opt for a 6-month subscription we’ll send you a FREE Welcome Kit! This kit includes one extra recipe kit ($45 value), PBW Cleaner, and Star San sanitizer.

MTB subscriptions include free shipping.


From: $49.99 / month for 3 months

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From: $49.99 / month for 6 months

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In the first week of each month you will receive a new custom-designed recipe, curated for your experience level. Your delivery will include all of the fermentables, hops, and yeast necessary to make a delicious 2.5 or 5 gallon brew in your own kitchen. After the first few batches you’ll be ready to brew next-level recipes and this subscription will automatically begin to send you more complex recipes!

3 Month Subscriptions Include

  • 1 new recipe kit each month
  • Automatic leveling-up of your skill level
  • Access to 1 advanced skills meet-up

6 Month Subscriptions Include

  • 1 new recipe kit each month
  • Automatic leveling-up of your skill level
  • Access to 2 advanced skills meet-ups
  • A Free Welcome Kit including:
    • One extra recipe based on a commercially available beer ($45 value)
    • PBW Cleaner (brewery cleaner)
    • Sanitizer

Not sure which experience level to start with?

Beginner: You haven’t brewed from start to finish on your own before. These recipes will be malt extract recipes with specialty grains for steeping. They are suitable for brewing on your kitchen stove and produce 2.5 or 5 gallons (one case) of beer when finished. Note: If you’re using Brewvana’s curated Beer Making Kit, choose the 2.5 gallon option.

Intermediate: You’ve brewed using extract at least 3-4 times before with results you enjoyed. These recipes are still based on malt extract but contain more complex steps such as dry hopping or using more precise combinations of specialty grains. They also include liquid yeast.

Advanced:  You have brewed several times before and feel you are ready to step up to brew-in-a-bag recipes with a mash of 100% all grain.