Become an Affiliate

Introduce your brewery to enthusiasts across the country

Brewvana offers exciting products that connect beer enthusiasts with unique beers. We pride ourselves on introducing our customers to the best beers they haven’t had the chance to taste yet. We purchase beers from breweries across the U.S. and include them in our monthly subscription beer boxes and holiday-themed beer-a-day boxes. Our customers are beer-curious and love to explore new options. Unlike other beer-box retailers, our products are coupled with a virtual exploration of each and every beer we include. We carefully introduce each beer and brewery to our customers via our evening live streams or Brews Less Traveled Podcast, and even invite representatives (like you!) to join us to discuss and promote their breweries.


Setting up a partnership with us is simple and profitable!

  • We’ll pay half of your licensing fees. Partner breweries will need to acquire a non-retail Beer COA license ($200) and a Ship to Retailer endorsement ($100/year) which will allow you to ship beer to our Vancouver, Washington warehouse.  The endorsement is also available separately if the brewery already has a liquor license. Our team will help you navigate the COA process.
  • We’ll purchase at minimum 13 cases of a single beer. Our customer base is growing steadily and these numbers will increase.
  • We will coordinate beer pickup from your brewery with a freight company; no need to worry about shipping!
  • You’ll be featured on a live stream and/or podcast episode, and Brews Less Traveled partners will be featured on our monthly brew map.
  • Partnering with us opens opportunities for future collaborations within the Brewvana brand and our sister brands, City Brew Tours and Unboxed Experiences.


Send us a message and we’ll get back to you to discuss opportunities as soon as we can. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing what we can do together!