We’re excited to have you join us for a live beer making class. The resources on this page will help prepare you for your brew day. Below you’ll find a list of things to do before you brew, links to our beer recipes and information about our Master the Brew subscription, which will keep you brewing all year long!

Please read through the list of things to “do before you brew” so you’re ready to get down to business when your experience begins.


Please review the instructions below to ensure you have all the correct equipment and ingredients and understand the steps you need to take before the experience begins. It is imperative that all participants have their water boiling before the class begins. 

When Your Kit Arrives
  • Open your packages and check the included packing list to make sure that all equipment and ingredients are accounted for
  • Place the yeast and hops in the refrigerator until brew day. Be sure to check the insulated envelope before throwing out any packaging.
  • Yeast will last about 3 months under proper refrigeration. Using healthy yeast is imperative to making a healthy beer, so please book a brew date within 3 months time (ideally ASAP).
  • You do not need to prepare or sanitize any materials beforehand
Review Your Recipe

We encourage you to review your beer recipe before brew day arrives:

On Brew Day
  • Bring 2 gallons of water to a boil in your stockpot. It’s very important that everyone’s water is at a boil at least 5 minutes before the experience begins. For some electric stoves, this can take up to 45 minutes, so give yourself plenty of time!
  • Find your Zoom link, and sign in at least 10 minutes prior to start time. Make sure that you have video enabled!
  • Be sure to wear clothes appropriate for handling hot liquids. We suggest wearing long pants and closed-toe shoes.
You should also have the following self provided items on hand:
  • 12 quart or larger stockpot
  • Five 64 ounce growlers or a case of 750 ml bottles
  • Approx. 5 lbs of ice, more is recommended for faster cooling
  • Large spoon, scissors, permanent marker and either a kitchen scale or measuring cups
  • Kitchen stove and sink
  • Broadband wi-fi connection and webcam


If you have questions about class preparation or your equipment and ingredients, please contact us at or 855-461-BEER (2337).