Beer Making Kit

Turn Dad Into a Brewer This Father's Day

Give your dad a brand new hobby this year for Father’s Day with a one-of-a-kind homebrew kit from Brewvana! The Beer Making Kit with Online Class will start Pops on a beer adventure where he learns to make his own beer from grain to glass.

How It Works

The Beer Making Kit includes everything Dad needs to make a full case of craft beer at home, including the hops, malts and bottles.

Log Onto the Class

Brewvana makes homebrewing easy! Every brew day starts by logging onto a live, virtual class where one of our professional homebrewers is waiting to guide your Dad throughout his beer making experience.

Make Beer

Dad will learn to steep grains, add hops and bottle his beer, all from start to finish! Everything needed to make a craft pale ale or amber ale is included in your Dad’s Beer Making Kit.

Keep Brewing

After your Dad makes his own case of delicious craft beer, he’ll want to keep brewing forever! Each kit comes with reusable homebrewing equipment such as bottles, a fermenter and more so Dad can continue brewing to his heart’s delight.

Get Dad Started
On a Craft Beer Adventure

The Beer Making Kit with Online Class includes everything Dad needs to get started in homebrewing. Every kit comes with live, online instruction so your Pops can get on-the-spot feedback throughout his entire brew day.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Brewvana includes equipment that Dad can use again in the future when he wants to make his next case of beer at home. Pick up the Beer Making Kit today and get your Dad started in the wild and wonderful world of homebrewing!

Beer Making Kit

Hang With the
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Along the way, Brian talks to the brewers who make those iconic beers themselves, and you’re invited to join in on their conversations!