Hoppy Hanukkah Coming Soon!

Please check back December 18

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

The Hoppy Hanukkah Beer Box is designed to be enjoyed every night of Hanukkah, from Dec. 18-Dec. 25. Your box is numbered 1 to 8, with each number corresponding to a nightly beer. On the first night of Hanukkah, crack open your beer and use the included booklet and beer tasting wheel to appraise your beer. On nights 2-8 of Hanukkah, we’re going live with nightly beer appraisal, dreidel spinning and drop-ins from special beer industry guests. Those live streams will begin at 8:30 PM Eastern time and can be viewed on Zoom and YouTube. Return to this homepage to find the live stream link each night.

Will the live stream be available to watch later?

You can watch our recorded live streams on our YouTube channel after they’ve wrapped, or you can watch on this page.

How do I contact you if I need assistance?

Email store@brewvana.com or call us at 855-461-2337.